Karen Moeller of Good Company Puppets

Karen Moeller is an artist who works in various mediums including paper mache, paints, ink and fabric. She makes both two and three dimensional art, and is known for her puppets and art cards of her original drawings. Karen has been vending at the Oregon Country Fair since its early years as a renaissance fair.

“I was fascinated by marionettes as a child and began making hand puppets for family shows in sixth grade. My puppets these days are mostly made with recycled materials and a paper mache mix I developed over the years. It’s a three step process… paper mache, painting and costuming… providing opportunities to work with many different materials and art forms.”

“Oh I love this picture (of my puppets)! Patch Adams has both the dragons, and I kept the dog… it’s a favorite. I think it’s challenging to catch the spirit of three dimensional art in a photo, especially puppets meant to be seen in motion, you have done this perfectly. I’ve been experiencing a creative slump since the last fair and the nostalgic feelings generated by this photo may be just what I need to start working again. Thank you Kate.” 

Thank you Karen for participating in this project! Don’t forget to see Karen with Good Company Puppets next Oregon Country Fair at booth M59 on Wooten Way.

Karen Moeller, multi-media artist and creator of Good Company Puppets, Deadwood Oregon, June 2021. 4x5, shot with a Burke & James vintage view camera and antique brass lens.

Karen Moeller on her porch from a digital photo session we did together in 2015